[CONTRACT] Concept Art - Character - SciFi

I am a self-funded indie developer looking for concept art.

The genre is primarily cyberpunk. The character needs to be female using either/both melee and projectile weapon. The armor/skin needs some emissive lighting that indicates powered hardware, single points or strips of light. There should be indications of cybernetics, but she needs to maintain an athletic and humanoid appearance. Long hair non-standard coloring. The environment needs to be night, potentially raining, with neon blue and pink highlights/reflections. Police/military indications in the background with appropriate lights. Think of someone fighting the system.

Once the art is created and paid for, I will gain perpetual exclusive rights, effectively owning, the produced artwork. Artist will retain visible signature on the art if desired, to be visible in all future uses of said art. Credits of finished game will include artists name and work.

I am also looking for additional concept art for the other factions and races that will be in the game, but this first piece has to be at a level that can be used for advertising in addition to character modeling/texturing/animation.

The fee will be negotiable and can be split up into stages as we collaborate on edits.

I will require demonstration of previous porfolio work.

The job is already open? If so, can I ask you, in private, an email to keep us in contact?


I sent you PM with Email.

A good day to you!
If you are still looking an artist
consider my proposal please at:

my current skill set are:
(icons,props,architecture,3d modelling,texturing,weapon,armor,characters,levels,UV unwrapping,hand-painting.)
Thank you and good-luck!