[CONTRACT] Character/Weapon Animator for Multiplayer FPS


I need 1st/3rd person movement and weapon animations made for Russian Civil War characters using the UE4 skeleton. At first, this will be limited to animations for moving around and using a single weapon, the Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifle. Later more weapons will likely be added but this work is focused on this weapon. The character and weapon model are already made. The task will include rigging the rifle, and making animations ready for use in UE4.

Animations would be very standard character animations for multiplayer fps functionality, and thus can be built off of already available animations from the skeleton where possible, all that would be necessary would be filling in the gaps to include carrying and using the weapon. Animations would include:

-Idle animations (holding rifle)
-Standing, crouched, prone
-Running, walking, crawling, jumping, climbing over (holding rifle), and climbing up (having put rifle away so possibly could simply use stock animations here).
-Cycling the bolt, loading bullets (individually and as a group), firing, thrusting bayonet, putting away rifle.

Any method of animation or program you choose to use is fine, so long as it looks good, and functions properly in UE4. Beyond that there is a lot of leeway. This is a paid freelance job, not royalty or a permanent position, though I am likely interested in more animations in the future depending on circumstances. The work would ideally be done within a month or so, though that is flexible.

If this sounds interesting to ya, message me directly and I’d be happy to answer whatever questions you’ve got.


Hey hey, this is exactly what we have been living and breathing for the past 3-4 years now since we initially started working on our weapon libraries. I’d love to chat iwth you more about your needs, in the meantime feel free to browse our stuff on the marketplace for examples of our work.