[CONTRACT] Blueprint UI Designer

The project is a Stylized MMORPG using UE5 Gameplay Ability System. We are coming up to our first playtest stage and require a User Interface to finish attaching our mechanics to our visuals.

Team Name:
FrostWeb Entertainment, LLC

Talent Required:
UI Designer/Artist (0)
Position Filled :+1:

  • Ability to work efficiently with Unreal Engine Widgets.
  • Experience with UE5-main branch (That’s what we are using).
  • Experience with Blueprint Interfaces, Delegates, etc…
  • C++ Is not required but will help with project integration
  • Expected to create base Widget’s for use as Child BP’s


  • Source files, PSDs & PNGs will be provided to use as reference & creation of UI.
  • Custom artwork and designs can be discussed.

We work in different time zones so we will get back to any emails as soon as we can.

  • Provide previous work portfolio and any applicable information