[CONTRACT] BIT ROT is looking for a 3D Character Artist

BIT ROT is currently working on an unannounced narrative first person puzzle game. The game is being published by an established indie publisher and will be released in early 2022. The game is being developed by a small two person team striking out to make something unique. The game is under NDA and thus all applicants will need to sign an NDA before we can divulge more information about the title. I will say that the game is a bit strange and surreal, and it will be a good opportunity for creative artists who want to make something more original.

Team Name:

Team Structure:
Curtis McKinney (Co-owner / Creator)
Game Design, Programming, Music Composition, Sound Design, Environment Art, Writing - 4 years

Chad McKinney (Co-owner / Creator)
Game Design, Music Composition, Sound Design, Writing - 4 years

BIT ROT is working with an established indie games publisher to fund the game. Our itemized budget, which includes money for 3D character art, has been signed off by the publisher and thus the funding required for the project is already secured.

Previous Work:
Chad is working on the project part time. During the day he’s lead gameplay programmer at Cloud Imperium working on Star Citizen:

Previously we’ve also worked on games such as:
Elder Scrolls Online

Hellgate: London

You can hear some music and check out some smaller projects we’ve done at our personal websites:

Talent Required:

3D Character Artist

  • Character Modeling (mostly stationary humanoids)
  • Simple Character Rigging/Animation (Idle, Simple “Talking”, NO locomotion, NO facial animations)
  • (Bonus) Concepting skills
  • (Bonus) UE4 Experience
  • (Bonus) Environment and Lighting tweaking

More Info:
We strongly believe in treating artists with respect and in paying artists for their work. We have a budget, funded by our publisher, to pay a character artist. We will not waste your time. That said, we also kindly ask you to treat us with the same respect in return.



Is the position still available ? I’m interested