[CONTRACT] Artist Comfortable in the Unreal 4 Engine for Missions Creation

The project is a Superhero MMORPG using UE4.27. We’ve been working for several years and are at the point where we need to expand our mission-creation team. Position is ongoing, remote, and has flexible hours. We prefer full time.

Team Name:
Heroic Games, Inc.

Talent Required:
Mission Creator – Technical Artist

• Strong familiarity with UE4.
• Ability to follow instruction, work in teams, and meet deadlines.
• Experience with blueprints, environmental art, props, etc.
• Ability to use Perforce for content management.
• Capability to compile an Unreal Engine Source build using a custom build using Visual Studio.
• Experience with third party tools like Dungeon Architect is a plus
• Ability to create environmental art pieces to expand the game library is a plus, but not needed.
• Experience with texture management in multiplayer games is plus.

• This is sort of a generalist position. It is regular production of instanced quests following a prescribed storyline. Requires either an artistic junior coder or a artist who is comfortable with the technical elements of UE4.


You can scroll down to the bottom of the webpage and leave us a free form message if you are interested. Our team is distributed around the globe so it may take a day or two for us to get back to you.

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