[Contract] Art Gallery Interaction Blueprints

I am building an art gallery in Unreal [4.x - 5EA].

I would like class level blueprints with the following interactivity:

Upon approaching each artwork, render text appears prompting the player to “click for information.”

On left mouse click, an artwork specific widget will become visible showing that artwork’s details [ideally drawn from a spreadsheet or database into a formatted widget] . The player may close the widget by left mouse click to return to the artwork on the wall. When the widget is open, the game will be paused, and no other input than left mouse click will be active. The player may return to the artwork specific widget as many times as they like when inside that work’s box trigger.

Each artwork will consist of a frame (or stand), the work, and an information sheet stuck to the wall nearby (but too small to read, hence the widget).

You can see a video of the UE5 gallery here:

USD$70/hr, estimated 2 hours

I believe this course is for you, it has something similar:

Or you can browse some assets on the marketplace, I’ve seen something like a detective game template, where we can pick up something and inspect it.

Thanks! I will watch it, but have to execute a lot of other tasks on the project. I’ve been able to set up the on overlap rendertext, and the lmb widget visibility, but my sample lmb widget is made visible everywhere in the game, not just inside the overlap event. By the time I get everything working and debug it, I will have fallen way behind in asset creation. I’m hoping to find someone who can build the graphs and scripts for me.

I also responded to your post looking for help. This weekend I can prepare a free sample for you to achieve what you’re looking for. It’s very simple, you can save some budget.

Hello, My name is David. I am a sales manager at Peacox Studio. I am writing to you regarding your post. We would gladly help you with your you project. Here at Peacox studio we can offer you a group of professional artists both in 2D and 3D, who are passionate about their work. We can help you with the concept art, character design, level design, models, texturing, animations and so on. You will also be able to interact with the artists in real time and demand fixes if needed.
Here is our portfolio - You can also visit our website for more work - Peacox Studio Looking forward to hearing from you.

@lehuan, THANK YOU!

I’m really grateful you were able to do this, and it’s really amazing! I’m just digging into the blueprints now, and, wow. Just wow.

Is there anything you want modeled that I could build for you in return?

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Hi David,

Thanks, but I’ve found a developer to help me. Great work. I’m the modeler on this project, but if I ever need anything, I’ll let you know.