[CONTRACT] Apocalypse: Asymmetrical PvP Horror Game looking for people

Project Title:

Choose to play as either “Explorers” or “Bringers”. Explorers find themselves trapped in an ancient temple on a distant planet, inadvertently waking up an evil titan god. The god has summoned his “Bringers of the Apocalypse” to kill the intruders, and use their soul to re-summon him to this world. Explorers must escape the temple, while Bringers must summon their god.

Key Points:

  • PC / Steam
  • Sneaking | Visibility at the core
  • Cat-Mouse
  • Unique Items and relics that change gameplay
  • Events that shake-up the game flow (such as summoning an army of ghosts, or total darkness)
  • Looking to attempt a kickstart sometime this year

Team Structure**:**
We are small and indie. No team-name just yet. Funding out of pocket.

Jason Sharp (Project Creator - Lead Game Designer)
Ex-pro gamer, game designer 3 years, product manager 4 years

Damon Guo (Tech Lead)
10 year veteran, specializes in networking

Previous Work:

  • Gun Gladiators (IOS - Battle Royale)
  • Transcendent (VR - Multiplayer Archery)
  • Legends of Nolor (Mobile - RTS)

Talent Required:

General Gameplay Programmer (C++ / Blueprint) (1):

  • Understanding of UE4 multiplayer framework, and has worked on a shipped multiplayer title
  • 2+ Years using Unreal experience
  • Must be able to reliably work 10 hours a week
  • Start on a feature by feature basis, can move to weekly at a later date

3D Environment Artist (1)

  • Must be very familiar with Unreal Engine tools and workflow
  • Can create environment template pieces based on designs, to be used by level designer to build complex environments
  • Realistic modeling production process
  • Delivery in Engine

3D Character Artist (1)

  • Expected to create high poly bipedal and quadra-pedal characters (alien)
  • Can create highly realistic characters
  • Familiar with Maya -> Unreal workflow. Final look expected to be delivered in Unreal
  • Ability to rig and animate a plus

Skype: jason.sharp09
Wechat: soulglider