[CONTRACT] $125 for one Blueprint/code task


Working with render targets to track players movements over terrain, similar to this tutorial: Creating Procedural Masks with Render Targets in UE4 – George Hulm

I need someone to create a realtime blueprint function or series of blueprints (with or without C++) with inputs for two points on a render target texture, which then is able to determine if there is a connection through the same color between the two points. For example, on a black background render target if there are two white dots and two points are selected within either dot, the blueprint would return false, but if the two points selected were within the same white dot, the blueprint would return true because there is a connection through the white area.

So there are really two parts to this task:

  1. Create blueprint able to read the value of render target pixels individually
  2. Setup a test to determine connection between two pixels

-Function does not need to specify at all what path is taken between the two points, only whether it exists
-Need not execute every tick, only on being called, but must work during run time (can’t use the editor only pixel reader for Render Target).
-Does not require extremely efficient code, so the most efficient pathing algorithm is not necessary, but reading the render target values shouldn’t kill fps.
-You do not need to set up the render targets beyond testing purposes, nothing with landscape masking required, only such a render target must work with it. Setting up a sample render target with two dots as described should be sufficient.
-Can use any combination of code/blueprints, so long as the end result is a blueprint.

PM my account or respond here for any questions.