Contours of a Dream (free download)

So this is my first attempt to create something playable on UE4.
The game is very short and driven mostly by the first person exploration and atmosphere.

A video teaser:

ModDB](Contours of a Dream Windows game - Mod DB)
Desura](Free Online Games on Desura)](Contours of a Dream by Dmitry Karpukhin)

UPD #1: Link to Desura game’s profile and slight re-design.
UPD #2: Added link.

Wow, very atmospheric! Does it support VR? I’d love to walk around in there. I’ll check out the download soon.

No, unfortunately I don’t have VR gear currently, so can’t really test it myself…
Thank you!

Updated first post since the game is available since yesterday on Desura.

Beautiful, I’m a sucker for floating monoliths :wink: Color palette, fog, lighting, the grassy landscape, it all comes together very nicely.

I’m honestly not a fan of first person jumping, but I toughed it out and only fell once :wink:

Looking forward to see what you do next!

Excellent work on the setting here. I’d keep on this style and expand it further!

Thank you guys!
There are currently some very interesting ideas floating in my head, so something probably comes this way with similar style of atmosphere.
Can’t really say when for now though.