Continuum Texturing

So, I was playing with blender exports to start getting used to it, but I have been facing this problem in ALL my exports. Each extrude is causing a texture resize…
Basically, I want to know if there is any way make my texture 2 and 3 continue my texture one. Thanks

I don’t think it’s your exports. Once you have the model in UE, any stretching of the object will result in the texture getting distorted, because the UVs are getting distorted.

The only ways around this are one of:

  1. Only transform the model evenly

  2. Make the material with world UVs

  3. Make a special material that copes with model distortions.

this looks like you just need to redo the UV’s in blender. when you extrude a componant, the uvs are distorted and need to be remapped