Continuously adjust sound attenuation settings?

hey everybody, do you guys know if it‘s possible to continuously modify the attenuation settings of a playing sound via blueprints? I’m spawning a sound and its location is constantly updated to the closest position to the listener along a waterbodyriver spline. Now I’m trying to continuously adjust attenuation settings in relation to the river width of the closest splinepoint… everything works fine but the “adjust attenuation”-node only seems to update once before starting the sound… Am I missing something? Thanx in advance!

I do this in my game. This is a simple dirty way.
I make an actor with my looping audiocue.

Set event tick to say 0.5s and calculate the distance to player (the 0…1 attenuation value). The use the Adjust volume node, and use 0.5s as the duration.

I basically use the same method, only with 0s event tick if I need to adjust the pitch on the fly.

Hi, thanx… :slight_smile:
this is pretty much the same solution I now used to solve this as well… Maybe dirty, but works fine! :slight_smile:

There´s a “Set Sound Class Distance Scale” node, that seems to work too, but then I would have to set up a new sound class for every instance of this. Did not want to do that…

Thanx again!