continuous sound?

I have a sound I want to play in my level at a specific area. I want it to play without resetting every time I leave the area and come back. Continuous sound with out stoping or resetting, but make it so I only hear it in that area. So when I leave and come back, its still playing from where I left. Is there a setting for that?

Bump anybody know how to do this?

From here

So I guess you can simply set ‘Auto Activate’ and ‘Looping’ true. I’m not at my machine to test this though.

Ok cool thanks i will try that. Now do you have to set the sound to ambient? Is that in the wave setting?

No, ambient sound actors are the default sound source, simply drag an audio file from your content browser into the editor at the location you would like it to be heard. Once highlighted, open the properties of the wave file and find the checkbox labelled ‘Auto Activate’ and enable it, then find the checkbox labelled ‘Looping’ and enable that too. Then adjust any other parameter to your liking (i.e. Attenuate, Spatialize, Radius, Falloff, etc…)