Continuous Sound in Attack State

Hi Guys, ive got an Enemy A.I that has two events within its Event Graph

  • One is to hunt you (which means he randomly walks around the map until he spots you).

  • Second event is set up so that if he pawn senses you he chases you.

I want him to make a sound for each event, one for when hes hunting, and another for when hes chasing you. Ive made a start in the screenshot below, the problem is once the sound plays when hes chasing you it continues even after he stops. Im really new to blueprints but would love to solve this problem before learning more stuff, can anybody show me via a screenshot of how exactly to set up the sound so that it only plays for the duration of the event (Hunt or Chase) and it emits from the enemy.



Without looking too deep into this i think your event always fires, so it never stops chasing you. Add a condition before playing the sound.