Continuous lod for meshes

Hi, I have a very general question.
I am creating a huge tree, this tree is intended to serve as a terrain. UVs and lod are a big challenge, could anyone give any ideas for a LOD? I’m not expecting help, just hoping someone might happen to know of something that could lead me that an awnswer.

If I understand correctly the player will be walking/climbing on the tree, correct?

I would break the tree into sections, and make LODs for the sections. I’d probably make a very large (long) map set for the trunk and chop it up as the tree model was sectioned off. If you run into problems with seams in your geometry or textures that are difficult to fix, you could come up with small decorators to mask them, moss, branches, bits of bark, what have you. Depending on the camera angle you may also be able to create rises in the trunk geometry that obscure the seams and the LOD switch as well.