Continuous execution on Input press

Im not sure if this exists or not yet, but I feel like it would be a super important addition since the current Pressed and Released method is insufficient at times. Is there any possibility we can have a new node for input keys that will continuously execute as long as the key is held down, similar to a tick event? This would be useful for something like a sprint mechanic, where the player is only sprinting (and draining stamina) as long as the button is held down. The current method of doing something like this requires a gate, delay, and a few other things and seems overly complicated for such a simple feature.

I personally use a boolean called ‘IsWhateverPressed’, set it to True/False on Pressed/Released and branch it on Tick :slight_smile:

I just find if I do something like that Im creating extra variables and clutter, I hate having an absolutely massive tick event.

It sounds like you are talking about an Input Axis. An input axis is set to run constantly when pressed and give an axis value as the output.

When you press the designated letter, it will output the number associated with the axial value. Let me know if this doesn’t help.

EDIT: For sprint, I would just make a Bool “IsSprinting” and use that to control a branch feeding in movement. If you categorize your variables in the details window, it will reduce clutter.