Continuous editor crashes are making me desperate

Hi. I have a serious issue with UE ever since I updated my project to 4.24: it keeps crashing at random after a while of starting (about 10-15 minutes, sometimes less, sometimes more) no matter what I am doing: working with blueprints, moving around meshes (or simply clicking something at times), moving assets in the browser, saving, anything. I’m getting increasingly frustrated and desperate. I’ve been working on this project for about 5 years now, and I can’t downgrade it without having to redo almost everything. I tried updating to 4.25 preview to see if it was fixed, but no luck (it even feels it’s worse…)
I’ve seen people with the same issues, tried every solution presented and nothing (revert to previous driver version, uninstall GeForce Experience, update OS and drivers, etc.)

Because no one on Epic is giving any answers to people with the same issue, I’m making a last-ditch effort here begging the community for help, after that, I give up.
I can’t stand this anymore.

My specs:
Nvidia GTX 960

GTX 960 is probably among the lowest required GPU’s for working with UE. I would check the following:

The first thing I would do, use a different GPU, 1060 perhaps, is it still crashing?
Check how hot your GPU is getting, perhaps it is overheating?
Make a memory test, perhaps ram modules are damaged?

Also this

If I could afford a better GPU, trust me, I would. With that said, a GTX 960 is enough for development, and after some more research, I found out it was a problem with the drivers (even people with more powerful GPUs were having this issue.) The solution wa to use Display Driver Uninstaler to completely remove the NVidia driver and all the leftovers, and after reinstaling with the latest drivers, the problem is apparently gone…