Continuous collision detection stops bouncing [Solved]

Hi UE4 community,

For several days i’ve experienced some problems with physics simulation and I can’t seem to fix it.
I want a ball to bounce off an object. I’ve used on physics materials on both the object and the ball.
The bounce works exactly as i want it to be. The only problem is the fact that the player controls the object on which the ball can bounce. So when it’s moving fast, the ball falls through it. Normally this is easy to solve if you use CCD. Except now 50% of the times the ball should bounce off, it just stops. The other times it works fine. It is not the bounce threshold, because the same happens even when I set the threshold value to 0.

*Note, the physics are constrained on a YZ plane.

I hope someone knows a solution?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can you reproduce the incorrect behaviour without the constraint?

Ah, cool. I’ve been working with physical materials and constrains recently and noticed that things occasionally get stuck - embedded in geometry, and the constraint keeps it there.

Consider converting your comment to an answer and accept it - perhaps it will help someone one day.

No, The problem is indeed the constraint. The bouncing surface was
slanted, so normally it would bounce off, but it could not do it because of the constraint. As a solution I cheated a little with the collision mesh of the object so it hits a flat surface, and now it is working perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion!