Continuous Collision between 2 actor

I want to test if my player is walking on a specific actor or not. The OnActorHit only trigger once upon contact but not anymore until the two actor stop being in contact. It is like that because it is used for instantaneous collision like a bullet. However, is there a way to detect the ‘touching’ of two actor using this ?
I know you can use BeginOverlapp and EndOverlapp with thriggerbox but it won’t be as precise as OnActorHit.
Also since OnActorHit doesn’t trigger until you stop ‘touching’ the actor, doesn’t it knows if you are touching it or not ? Can you access this boolean ?
Also bear in mind I’m new to this so if I’m missing the basics, you can just tell me and I’ll go over them again.

Instead of this approach I would do one or more ray traces straight down and if the returned actor is the one you wanted, then do what you wanted it to so. This is much more flexible as well.


Thanks after looking at it, it seems like it could solve my problem.