Continuous Audio Playback

I want to have my music to appear as though it’s being projected from a screen. There are three songs in my audio file and it’s all working as far as file types etc goes.

However, if i walk away from the sound, obviously it goes quiet and then silent but it also stops completely and when i return to a closer position again, the music starts from the beginning. I wan’t the music to have continued playing to itself whilst i’m not there and when i return i can hear the music again at whatever point it’s got to based on the time that i’ve been away.

It’s simple but i’m finding it hard to describe. Someone please help me out!

someone please help me

Hi, you might want to check out this answer to a similar problem.

Basically: assign a Sound Class to your sound and set it to “always play” - a possible alternative being to keep track of the time yourself and setting the start time of the sound you’re playing accordingly.

thanks so much mate, people saying it works on that post you linked! I’ve got a SoundClass node in my sound cue blueprint but no sign of the ‘always play’ box. Any chance at all you could screen shot what i need to do?

Sorry if its obvious im completely new to all this aha

No worries!

First you have to create a sound class asset, and assign it to your SoundCue - that’s somewhere in the sound cue details:


Then you set the “Always Play” in the Sound Class details:


FIXED IT. Thanks so much again mate!