Continue play from the last place where The actor was


I want continue to play from the last place where The actor was. I attached video:
I want continue to play from this position where I finished.

The easiest way if its just for testing is to right click in the viewport and select “Play From Here”

If you want to actually save and start next time from that spot you need to look into learning about the saveGame class and the GameInstance class. You’ll want to save a vector of the GetWorldLocation of your character to a savegame and then teleport your character there when the game starts.

The gameInstance class is the only class where everything stays with it from game start to game end, however if you quit then its not saved, thus youll have to learn to create .sav files with the saveGame class.

There should be some tutorials on youtube or the forums I just dont have any links offhand but you will need to save that vector, then teleport the player there when loading the save.

Hope this helps
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