Continous sound fine on PC, stops on mobile

Hi all,
In my game I have a sound on a level that is supposed to play continuosly (loop). This works fine on my laptop, but it doesn’t loop on my tablet. Any ideas?

If I’m not mistaken, the audio ticks in the main thread - which means that on low-perf devices, if you’re unlucky and that, whenever the sounds need to be looped, your main thread is busy doing something else, it will not be able to do it on time.
The new audio engine should take care of that but I have not idea when it’s due.

A workaround would be to fade in/out the same sound but depending on the sound be wary of phasing issues.

Otherwise, really cheap (although not in terms of memory) workaround: play a longer sounds, with many iterations of the loop rendered offline.

Yes, low end tablet mine is, that’s for sure. So you say it would work just fine on med to high devices? If so I won’t modify, the game takes way too much concentration that the player probably won’t even notice :smiley:

Well you still have a chance - as for all things multithreading it’s all about timing.
A low-end platform only means you have higher chances to encounter such a behaviour; but as soon as your games get a bit more costly (performance wise) you might have the same issues on higher-end platforms.

I don’t think it will get stronger, it is finished, very simple with only widgets in it, some basic BP involved. I leave it like this, and upon uploading I correct this and that if necessary. In fact I like it better w/o that crackling sound looping :smiley: