Contextual help linked to documentation - Device Manager example


I suggest to have more contextual help on windows, tabs and some functions/features that is linked to
For example the Device Manager tab could have a link to that could be activated with UE4s custom Ctrl + Alt.

On the main window I only see the “Play” button having this Ctrl + Alt contextual help, I would like to see more please.


We have been adding things like this as much as possible, and we will continue to add more. Sometimes it is just a matter of needing to lock down changes to the build so we can release it to you guys which means we cant add in everything we want to. The next update will have lots more in-editor help.

I also feel a little lack of more context-sensitive help. And more links to documentation, and within the documentation, links pointing to the documentation of the components, functions, etc …

But as I have already said that the next version will have more in-editor help, and how to trust the Epic, I’m calm.