Context Sensitive Cursor

Is there any node in the event graph for setting up a dynamic cursor; it changes when you’re over a door/clickable object/ etc? I don’t need help with raycasting or any of the ways to test that you’ve arrived at the interactable object, just altering the Cursor so that the player understands they’ve found something interactable before they interact with it. Maybe I haven’t dug deep enough, but all there seems to be is a “Set current Mouse Cursor” - which seems limited to Windows standard cursors. I’d like to make my own cursors (preferably animated ones)that are specific to the game I’m making. Does anyone know how to do this? All I could find documentation wise was this.

Thanks in Advance for any help!

what you need to do, is to use Hud’s draw call, to simply draw any custom cursor you want. You can then make make it customizable so it has half a dozen presets for the different cursors, and it chooses one of them based on the actor under the cursor. But in the end, the point is to not use hardware cursor and use a draw call.

Awesome Thanks!

Yup, this stuff could be better! At the moment, the suggestion to draw the cursor you want is a good one.

What I’d like to see happen is that instead of just returning one of the canned cursors, you could return an SWidget. SWidgets should support robust animation in the future, so it could be a really neat system.

Is there anywhere Swidgets are exposed in Blueprints? If not, that would be a super handy feature in the future :slight_smile: I’m assuming Swidgets are, or will be code only (based on the documentation). Also, What’s a Swidget exactly, lol?