Context Sensitive broken in 4.6 preview?

I updated yesterday to UE 4.6 preview, and I’m having problems accessing other blueprint variables, they are not showing up in context menu.
Functions show up correctly though. Is this a known issue in 4.6 preview?

Hi Ghar,

Thanks for reporting this! I was able to reproduce issue in 4.6 and have entered a bug report in our database for developers to look at (UE-6023). I will let you know when I see an update, and I’ll be pushing to get this into official 4.6 release. Thanks again!

Cool, thanks for information. It’s gonna be really helpful.

Hey Ghar,

A workaround for now is to make your variable Public; if variable is marked as Public, casting to it works fine in 4.6.

After discussing this with developers, it seems this may be part of an intentional change. Variables may become Public by default and it may no longer be possible to cast to a variable if it is not. They are discussing this internally at moment, but it appears that for 4.6 we will need to mark them Public to cast to them from another blueprint.

Hope that helps!

why is new direction ?
variables needing to be declared “public” before being available from another class ?

They’re looking into it now, but it appears this was intention from start. I will let you know when I see what they decide to do about it.