[Contest][Winter/Christmas] Win a UE4 Subscription Month!

Hey there! It’s christmas time and i have something for you! (:

So here are some more information for you guys and girls:

This is a contest made by me. This contest is not an official Epic Games Contest,
but i’m allowed to open this up. I can’t give further information on upcoming contests!

The topic is christmas and/or winter, so it’s up to you to decide how to realize your scene.
You can make a very realisitic picture or a stylized one. A heart warming, or a funny one.
I would love to see your fatansy go wild here (:

You are free to post Work in Progress pictures in this thread here. If you have questions or if you see a mistake in the picture,
feel free to ask/tell me.

The End Date can be extended. I know we already have the 18.12.14 and till 31.12 it’s only around 13 days, so if you guys need more
time, we can talk about it. If we have an end-date, it will end at 23:59 CET. Please make sure you don’t submit your picture too late.

Because of this short time window, i only want a frameshot of your scene. Just one picture from an angle you like.
Something like a “still life” :smiley: These rating points in the picture are just a rough guideline for you.

I don’t know yet, if i will rate them alone, or if i will order some help of the other mods, but the rating itself, or better the “jury” will
be mods only.

Also i can’t tell how many Free Months are available. I have a few and if we have alot participants, we will see if we can get some more.

The main thing here is to have fun. So please regard the forum rules and also don’t argue about the rating later. I will do my best
to rate it fair.

So, have fun guys and girls. This little contest and the prizes are my little gift for your this years christmas (:

Hohoho :smiley:


just changed the rules a bit. You are now allowed to use UE4, UDK, Unity or the Source Engine to create your scene.
So someone without a Subscription is able to win one too (:

I always loved the Winter Crash map in Call of Duty 4. Every airstrike you brought in Santa Claus would come riding in, drop off some bombs, and ride away yelling “Ho, Ho, Ho!”.

Hey (:

I’m wondering if someone is even working on a small scene.
If yes, would you mind saying hello x) and maybe posting
some WiP pictures.

Hmmm… So you guys don’t want a free month subscription? :wink:

If we (us mod’s) were to hold some more of these little contests in the future, what would you like to see? Would you prefer to do a game-jam type of contest? Would you like to do a specific kind of game (like top-down only)? Or do you prefer to create a small scene like this one?

Any ideas are welcome! We want to put together a few contests for you guys similar to this in the coming weeks, so let us know what format you prefer!

ps. There is still time to enter this contest, and you will likely win something if there aren’t many submissions, hint hint… :cool:

Aghmm… I believe most people were turned off, because it’s a contest. Like… you can spend few days making something and not winning anything. I guess that was most discouraging for the people. But I liked the idea, mostly it was even more nice that other engines have been added, very cool addition.

I never said, that someone would not win. I just didn’t want to give away these keys without a small effort. :smiley:

Sadly no one participated. :frowning:

Honestly, i am really despite. I supposed lots of people would be happy to do a funny draw for fun and maybe have a nice christmas gift :frowning:
Maybe most of them didn’t seen it as said before…
If i wasn’t modo i would have ask my children to do a draw on paper or paint and add it to a level with the christmas gift pack. They would have love doing it. what a shame i think of this only now ^^ (next time they are at home, if i don’t forget ^^ for the pleasure of share, we’ll do it and maybe they’ll want to do stuff too in level : I am scared ! That will be fun :stuck_out_tongue: ) so i’ll be out of date but as i am out of contest, that’s not a trouble ^^

I’m sorry, let me know if you plan to do another and I’ll see how I can help.

Always sucks when you get no turnout for giving something away, but don’t let it discourage you. :slight_smile:

Actually, I think it’s just that a lot of us didn’t have time for the contest because of making a break and spending their time with their families (or just relaxing) and I think a lot of people would join at other time.

(: Thanks for the kind words. Maybe we get our own Contest Subforum soon, so we can make a big badass Contest
when everyone has time :smiley: