Contest submission : no confirmation ?

Hi !
I submitted my mod on the page.

I didn’t receive any confirmation. Who can tell my entry was registered ?

Anyone else submitted his mod ? Did you got confirmation ?

The form you linked sent me to the “old” URL. Try this out: ARK News - ARK - Official Community Forums

Yes, I registered on this page, the first link redirects you. So I logged on the site and submitted the form at the bottom of the page, but I got no confirmation.

i only got a confirmation just when i submitted on the page itself. but no email or other common confirmation so far…

So, that seems normal.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I don’t think this is normal…
furthermore this feels a bit itchy.
ANY official confirmation at all??
public voting should start at March, 18th…

Could we have a response from the contest organizers ? I’m really worried about contest submission, we don’t have many info about it, and time is running…

I asked the question on
ARK: Worldwide Mod Contest & Spotlight: Dimetrodon & Dung Beetle! - Page 2 - Announcements - ARK - Official Community Forums

I hope someone will answer…