Content request

Hey guys.

(Keep in mind I’m requesting this because I am really bad modeling, and most will be able to produce hem and have look a hell of a lot better than anything I do.)

I’m looking for a variety of things for a game I’m putting together. I would like them based off the same style as this ( ) but I’m looking for multiple sets like this but for:

  1. Something like you’d see an “ogre” living in and area. So kinda how shreks swamp is in the movie ‘shrek’.

  2. something you’d see a cartoon polar bear in. So snowy. Not much to say, but cartoony like the link above.

  3. something you’d see a vampire living. This I’m not really sure what I’m looking for, so be creative I guess.

  4. something you’d see an undead human, so those of you who know the undead race in world of Warcraft. Kinda like that. Little more cartoony tho.

  5. another snowy place like polar bears, but a little more human like for gnomes.

  6. uhm, similar to vampires but more color fully or something closer to a elf. What you’d think of like santas elves except not Christmas-ee…

  7. something for a Gorilla style character as well.

These all could be sold separately like the link above is. How ever you’d want to do.

Anything helps.