Content request: new opportunities for 3D modelers


I find that there is a big lack of content in the marketplace. I am looking for an office space decorated in a classic style. Wood furniture, rugs, etc. The space should be practical but elegant. Hyper-realism is a must. A few pointers:

  • Use real-life references. I see a few models in marketplaces that make no sense
  • If there is a rug in the scene, please don’t crumple it. Rugs in real life are perfectly flat. I don’t know why but many modelers find it necessary to crumple and fold rugs.
  • If there is a couch or an armchair, there is no need to throw a blanket on it. I never see blankets at my tax preparer or other professional offices
  • If there are shelves, those are generally used for books
  • Nice, classic lamps add a touch of class
  • Computers do belong to a classic office
  • Glass, crystal, and wood make a great combination

I believe that a product like that would do well in the marketplace. High level of detail could command higher price.