Content Protection


Is it possable to protect game data(3d models, textures, animations), so that user couldnt extract this data from game after realse?

Short answer: No.
There are always means to extract information like texture and model data.
What gets a bit obscured by compilation is the game logic (Blueprints, C++ code). But technically, disassembling would be crudely possible.
(Having the engine source is a big helper here).
The best protection is vigilance and a good laywer that sues everyone prirating your content…

I literally saw a UE4 asset extractor floating around like 2 weeks ago, so gonna have to agree with KVogler.

Ok. Thank you.

Also remember there are tools that allow you to play the game and then capture all the models into a Max or Obj file (or set of files) that you can then manipulate back in the 3D package. A lot of these tools export the materials/textures as well and some even export the LOD models as separate models.

They are not easy to use and from what I understand require a little trial and error … but once you got them configured correctly you can literally run around the game level and capture all the models in your view port.

So yeah … there is not much you can do except be vigilant and if you see someone using your assets, confront them or issue them cease and desist orders … doesn’t always work … unfortunately. 8-{

You can rip stuff from the Direct X pipeline if you know how. Any encryption can be broken!

On the brightside, they only get the compressed DXT version of the textures, which are ugly as sin anyway.