Content Not Loading

I am new.

I’m using the very first tutorial (Level Designer Quick Start, 4 - Placing Actors in the the Level, #13) and it simply says to click on Content Browser -> Content -> StarterContent -> Props -> Add New Table

When I click on Content nothing happens. There is no StarterContent, no nothing.

I click on Content or the arrow next to it and nothing happens.

Did I load this program incorrectly? How do I get access to this?

I’m new too. I’ve been trying to figure this out myself, and I think the tutorials being for Unreal 4.9 have just enough difference from the 4.10 version I’m using that some things no longer apply. I think the tutorial should have said to double-click on the Starter Content folder in the Content Browser. When I do that now, after trying Import and finding empty folders that should have .uasset files in them, the content appears in the Content Browser. I hope they update the tutorials soon, because there really are significant differences between the tutorial instructions and what the user finds in the current version. Also, it’s kind of amazing that no one has responded to your question since you submitted it on the 29th. Tap tap tap. Is this thing on? :slight_smile: