Content library creation

I’m new on Unreal enigne, so I am stuck with this little issue, I made a building library to use on my games, but when I try to use them in other projects all the materials lose their links.

Maybe my method is wrong, I don’t know, I just copied the content library from my original library to the my new project, all the materials, textures, meshes are there.

Take a look at the image, the only link that still works is the grass material that cames with the unreal engine.

I want to know how to make it without have to manually place the materials back on their places.

Are you using the built in asset migration functionality or some other way?

I just copied the Content folder of the library I was making to the content folder of the new project, I wonder how to make it like they do on the marketplace, where you can append the objects directly to your new project.

Try the migrate or export options. Right click on the asset and go to asset options. It should keep the references together, especially the migrate option.

Thanks, I’ll try that!

Hum yeah, you have to follow some rules :wink:

In the ‘Content’ folder of your new project, you have to create a new folder (‘Mymeshes’ by example) and in this new created folder you put all the folders you created for your old project (ie: BluePrint, Maps, Materials, Meshes, SkeletalMeshes, Sound, Textures etc…)
It will work…just ‘copy and paste’ or ‘the migrate process’…