..content is merely a component and not the primary focus

When I use assets in a map, say I get the Urban City and create an Unreal Tournament map out of this.

Can I sell this map then on the Marketplace? I mean, it’s basically built around those assets.
Can I make the map available on third party sites, like unrealplayground or mapraider?

Also what happens if I use this map for another game in the unreal engine, say, Descent Underground. Is this allowed?

  • No.

  • No.

  • Maybe. Proly no.

I’m confused Bruno. By that logic no Marketplace content could be used commercially in games?

Market place is for you to buy and use in a cooked packaged game that you then can resell. This somewhat keeps the assets secured and not provided to third party users.

You can sell your **game **(or anything compiled to a .exe) using 3rd party assets.
You can’t sell **asset **products using someone else’s assets if not approved by owner.

Ah, I see, thanks for the explanation. That makes a lot of sense.

So that means that if I use those assets to make a map, I can not distribute that map?

In my opinion Unreal Tournament maps create with Unreal Tournament assets sure It will be ok.

Hi guys! I checked with our legal counsel, and here’s the official answer to your questions:

  • UT Marketplace content is only for UT; it can’t be used in other games/products.
  • Other than for development or testing purposes, UT UGC can only be distributed through Epic (language from the EULA pasted below).
  • For UE Marketplace content, that content can’t be re-sold.

Any Distribution of Unreal Tournament UGC must take place through the Marketplace, Epic’s GitHub UnrealEngine Network, or other Epic services, unless such Distribution is solely for the purpose of legitimate development of such Unreal Tournament UGC, and then only to Engine Licensees, or legitimate testing of such Unreal Tournament UGC, and then only to Engine Licensees or individuals who have accepted the latest Unreal Tournament EULA.

Great, thanks for the answers!

Raises a few more questions, though:

There is a UT marketplace, different from the UE market place? (Not a legal question, just asking)

The second point is… well, it will kill all map collecting sites, wouldn’t it? Sad thing, as those were the pillars of the really great mapmaking community back for UT2k4. They had great competitions among them (with stunning results, Halloween packs anyone?) and some are alive even today. :frowning:

And finally:

In the Terms and Conditions of the Marketplace ( it says:

So, as I understand it, it should be no problem to use content from the Marketplace in other games. Or am I mistaken?

The one problem I see is the standalone creative work:
A map for UT is no standalone work, or is it? I don’t know how lawyers define standalone, but you need UT to run an UT map, so I wouldn’t consider it standalone. Does that mean that you can never use UE marketplace content to make UT maps?

The other problem I see with this:
Let’s assume that lawyers think an UT map is a standalone product. Now I made the map not with UT content (which would be easy, as this seems to be allowed anyways) but with a pack from the UE marketplace (not UT) - and mostly with assets from that pack. Not exclusively, but mostly. Would I then be able to still offer that map in the UT marketplace (skip all third party sites or other games here)? Or does “in which content is merely a component and not the primary focus” apply here and forbid this?

I think this is something that could very easily happen - someone sees a content pack on the UE marketplace, has a great idea for an UT map based on this, makes the map, puts it on the UT marketplace - and then goes to jail or pays fines for the rest of his life?

Standalone maps will be funny to see.

That’s the point, but you never know lawyers.

Happy to help! I’ve just forwarded your new questions to our legal counsel and I’ll respond here when I hear back from him. We’re a bit slammed catching up from GDC so I don’t know exactly when I’ll get a response, but I wanted you to know that we are listening and that I’m working on getting answers.

I can’t comment authoritatively from a legal standpoint, but having been a content creator for many years, the way I read the language there is that it’s mostly intended to keep someone from buying something from the UE Marketplace then immediately reselling it on the UT Marketplace or other marketplaces online. You’d be surprised what people try to get away with, even innocently. :slight_smile:

Yes. In the launcher, there is an Unreal Engine tab and an Unreal Tournament tab at the top. When you click on either, you’ll see a Marketplace option on the left side.

Yes, you can use content from the Unreal Engine Marketplace in your UE game(s).

If a user makes a UT map using UE Marketplace assets, and if they are selling it, it’s going to be baked, and users who purchase it on the Marketplace don’t have a right to use those assets other than for playing UT using that map; they can’t take the assets out and use them separately. That’s totally fine.

If a user makes a UT map using UE Marketplace assets and wants to distribute the map in unbaked form, they can do that but only to UE licensees for only for testing or development. In that case, they can’t use the map as a vehicle to distribute Marketplace assets in a way to circumvent the Marketplace. First of all, doing that would not just be for development purposes, and it would also run up against the UE EULA prohibition on asset pooling.

Oh I think I know lawyers :wink:

Ok, thanks so far! This helps a lot.

So when I bake a map the contained assets can’t be used by anyone else - except for playing the map. Correct?