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Since i couldn’t find a already existing database with these things, i decided to create my own, feel free to comment links to other things i haven’t found yet, and i’ll update it to this list when i have time.

All content on this list is downloadable, or links to somewhere you can get it from, i hold no responsibility regarding licenses, contact the original posters regarding that.


  • mktwo’s Photography Blueprint: Link
  • [PB Field of View Zoom: Link
  • straight stairs creator with brick pattern and extra randomness. (Blueprint):Link
  • Dynamic DoF (Blueprint): Link
  • Create object from blueprint (Blueprint): Link
  • I’ve made A* Pathfinding in blueprint: Link


  • Feanix’s Material Functions: Link
  • IES Profiles for free (IES Texture): Link
  • Interior mapping (Material): Link
  • Free materials mini-pack (Material): Link
  • Glass templates - free download: Link


  • Free grass meshes: Link
  • Solarmodul for free using (Prop):Link
  • Minecraft Player (prop): Link
  • Free Grass Files and Textures Made With Future Polys Tutorial (Meshes & Materials): Link
  • World-Machine Compreensive Terrain: Link


  • mktwo’s Better Grid (Plugin?): Link
  • Mercurial Source Control Provider (Plugin): Link
  • Brick grids and simplex noise - Minecraft-style voxels (Plugin):Link
  • Web UI framework plugin (VaQuoleUI) (Plugin): Link
  • Substance Plugin 0.3.2 Released (UE4 4.1.0 Compatible) (Plugin): Link
  • Flathead (Javascript plugin): Link
  • UE4 T3D Converter for bsp brushes (Tool): Link
  • Auto UV & Color material for block-outs (Tool): Link
  • UDK T3D to Unreal 4 T3D Tool (Tool): Link


  • Free Character animations in bip and FBX: Link
  • Sound image (Royalty free sound database): Link
  • Melee Combat System: Link
  • VR Game Template: Link

GameDev Market - New Asset Marketplace: Link

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