Content Help?


Ive downloaded the Bumping Pub and the Landscape Mountains to my UE4 Vault.

How do I import/use the objects from these packs? Say i wanted to take the table from the pub and place it into the world somewhere else?

Or i wanted to take the tree from the mountain and use it for another project?


Take a look at this video: :slight_smile:

Thanks for that!

Im running 8GB or RAM but UE4 keeps crashing? Like constantly?

What should i do?

Could you post your log file -> documents/unreal project/your project/saved/logs/the file which gets generated after your crash :slight_smile:
Which gpu do you use and when does the crash appear?

Im using a GTX 970 with i7 CPU?

Hmm, cant see anything. Make sure that it’s really the log file which gets generated after the crash + make sure to post a crash report on answerhub: https://answers.unrealengine/index.html