Content folder not updating

Hi, hopefully this is in the right place.

I’m just starting to use UE4 in my office and am progressing well, however one thing I can’t seem to get to work correctly is migrating assets. I’m migrating furniture from a 4.23 project into a 4.24 project.

When I migrate, I have to restart the editor for the new folder to show up. I’ve been told this isn’t normal behaviour but I’m not sure where to start with fixing this.

Any help would be appreciated.


Nobody has any ideas?

Are you migrating from the old project while the new project is open? I don’t think the editor will update externally imposed changes to the folder structure and content live and does it upon load.

(I might be wrong and will double check when I get back.)

Ah yes that’s exactly what I’m doing. Thing is it has sporadically recognised changes within the folder structure and asked if I want to import them into the project. It just only works about 10% of the time for some reason.