Content exchange


if somebody like to exchange or trade some assets/content with me, just contact me directly via private message here.

Mapping & 3D Portfolio/Examples:

Architectural visualisation video: Study in bright and dark - YouTube

Game-level video: “Valley of the Elves”: Valley of the Elves - YouTube

More details/capabilities of me:

My self-made speedtree-nursery (still growing):

Videos of my self-made “speedtree-nursery”:

  1. asset overview, natural plants:
    0.00 - 1.20 trees with needles, conifers
    1.20 - 1.44 marine plants for near, on and under the water
    1.44 - 2.50 desert plants, cactus and palm family
    2.50 - 3.41 grasses, ferns, herbs
    3.41 - 4.26 flowers, vegetables
    4.26 - 5.49 bushes, VFX falling leaves, trimmed hedges
    5.49 - broadleaf trees, variations on leaf-materials

  2. asset overview, unnatural plants:
    0.00 - overview of the unnatural assets
    0.26 - single examples
    1.07 - example of a combination to create further unnatural plants using the existing ones

  3. technical features, usage examples:
    0.00 - examples for exchanging materials for bark (normal/burnt version)
    1.12 - exchanging materials for leaves (autumn, to blooming/spring)
    1.30 - reducing leaves (could also be other colored leafes/variations) and branches
    2.04 - 3 LODs (level of detail) for good performance, see vertice-count at the top left
    2.55 adjustable parameters for wind.

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