Content Examples

Looking at the Destructible Tutorial by Hobson. Good tutorial. When loaded the DM examples to use the examples they are different than the ones I have in 4.15.1. More examples. Where do I get the examples he is using. Thanx.


You can find the map here:

It’s not been uploaded to our forum section where we normally put the asset files yet. The version on my site is a little bit older, although, it can be upgraded to 4.15 without any issue. The one that will be uploaded and linked later is using a few tweaks and has the additional map with the FBX chunk examples and static mesh destructions example from the end of the training stream.

I don’t think this will make its way into Content Examples, at least not anytime soon, if I’m being honest. There are some bugs that would likely need to be resolved first or either remove those examples before doing so. So I made a compromise a long time ago to just put the map on my site in its incomplete, but still useful, form so that anyone who wanted to use it and test out this feature set could. Some of the descriptions need to be cleaned up for spelling and wording mistakes too, I’m sure.

Regardless of all that, I hope you enjoy the project and you find some use with it. :slight_smile: