Content examples on 4.5?

I only have 4.5 on my computer and i cant find the content examples. Do i need to download an earlier version of ue4 to get access to them?

Hi Havok,

The Content Examples don’t come loaded with the editor. You will need to download them from the Learn tab of the Launcher (don’t worry, it’s free). Just make sure to download version 4.5.



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This doesn’t solve the problem on Linux, which doesn’t have a Launcher. I hope someone can provide the answer for linux.

Hi TamaMcGlinn,

I’m attached our Linux tech to this issue. Hopefully we can get you a suggestion soon.

Hey TamaMcGlinn,

Sorry for the delayed response. Since Content Examples is available through the Launcher, to get the project on Linux you would need to download it on another machine (Windows/Mac) from the Launcher and then copy the project over to your Linux machine.