Content Examples, Chaos Destruction - issues with Anchor Field rotation and scale

I’m checking things out in Content Examples Epic’s project. I’m looking at example on ChaosDestruction level, Room 05 - Fields / FS_A_Anchors.

I modified the fields FS_AnchorFIeld_FS_Anc_1 and FS_AnchorFIeld_FS_Anc_2. I increased their Y scale to cover the entire GC.

When I run the simulation anchors seem to work only as if they had the original scale. The newly covered areas are not held in place and fall down.

Modified scale result:

Original scale result:

Similarily if I rotate the Anchor Fields in such a way that they cover smaller amount of the GC, they still break as if the field was not rotated.

Where is this coming from? What can be done to fix that?