[CONTENT EXAMPLE REQUEST] "proper" example for new shading models (maybe release stuff from Paragon)

Hey guys,

while searching the Forums, I found this:
and it still seems to be a huge problem for many people to figure out how exactly everything should be authored and set up.

I started getting interested in this since I am working on a couple of things for personal experimenting that would need proper hair setup as well.

What I want to ask now is this: Would it be possible for you to release for example a bust of Sparrow from paragon as a content example? I see many issues with the provided ones as they by no means reflect the true achievable quality and seeing so many people struggling with this as well as basically a total lack of proper authoring documentation for it, I think it would be of a huge benefit for the Community to have a true next gen and professional looking example including all the content on how to make proper use of the provided features.

I would really like to hear your opinions on this since I, with my limited understanding, think it should not be a big deal to just release a bust or the full character of Sparrow with an example map (since Epic owns the copyright anyways). But of course…things may be totally different from your point of view.

Please let me know what your thoughts on this are since I strongly believe that everyone would benefit from it immensely :slight_smile:


yeah the new shading models examples for skin, cloth and clear coat is quite under-par.

I can’t believe they have such resources and refuse to put out better examples.
The more complex the examples are the more people can learn from it, simple basic examples are practically useless.

For example the Parallax Occlusion Mapping example is GOLD.
One of the best examples in UE4. Very detailed and explanatory.

I agree on the Parallax Occlusion Mapping example! Its really good and educational and other examples should follow this approach. I really dont mean this rude in any way, but the hair example is a joke compared to what you see on the Paragon characters.

Hi all,

We agree that we would like to provide more detailed sample content for these new shaders, and we hope to have something for you in the near future.


Thanks Steven! Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Awesome. Sounds good. any estimated time-frame like 4.13, 4.14?

can we get screenshot of the material here please?

no one wants to wait 3-5 months before something is done.
it would be amazing if we can get HQ screenshot of that entire material.

Any update on example character(s) released?

I spoke with Zak Parrish at OC3. He had mentioned that there would be a release of an example character in UE4 based on one of the Paragon character’s (using the same implementation of shaders for skin/eyes/hair/clothes as one of the Hero characters, like Sparrow, that have been shown in the various talks (but with different physical features to avoid releasing the specific copyrighted character) stating it would be released to the public “very soon in the coming weeks ahead”. That was early October 2016.
Has this been released somewhere? Can you post the link for me or give me an update?

This has been “on its way” since August 2016 :frowning: