Content Example Map

Hey y’all,
So Zack/Zach/Zakk?Zaque?? Parrish (sp?). Anyway, the popular instructor of Unreal Engine fame mentioned in this video :: Into to Cascade: Particle Terminology | 01 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube :: says the map he’s using is just something he threw together for the purpose of the tutorial,


I’m seeing it everywhere nonetheless. Even in places online that don’t seem to be of UE canon. Anyway, it makes me believe this map must be available for download somewhere… but being a UE4 n00b of epic proportions, I can’t seem to locate it.

So … anyone?

Its in the learning tab of the Epic launcher available for free download: 2014 features tour. Also similar styled rooms are use in other examples from epic there.

Thank you Vollgaser but even after downloading the Content Examples from the Launcher, it was difficult to figure out a critical step was overlooked. After the downloading ends, it still required ‘Create Project’ to be selected, which I thought would’ve happened automatically. I imagine this is the equivalent to a general software installation process, but given the way things are laid out in the launcher it somehow changed my expectations.

Either way, the assets now reside on my computer and all’s well for now. Thanks again!