Content Drawer Should Have Dockable Content INSIDE

Content Drawer is cool and I’m into it, but it’d be better if you could customize other windows docked into it for whatever customized editor layouts you want for workflow.

I do a lot of level editing work, so I’m in the content browser more than some other people. Even still, if you’ve got a decent file structure you only ever need about half of the space for it on the bottom, and you can still reasonably see the assets just fine. I often dock the World Outliner next to it on the right and make it thinner as needed. That way I have a giant details panel on the right which minimizes scrolling or searching for options.

Currently you can’t dock another Window to the Content Drawer in this manner. It would be awesome if you could.


Add to that “bring back the mouse scroll wheel resizing of icons.”



I like content drawer as well, although some issues like dragging and dropping to docked panels doesn’t work and I’ve also had trouble using the input currently selected item from content folder into whatever asset like material for example.


I want to drag the Output Log beside the Content Drawer so they both can pop up at will!

(Note, I think “beside” instead of “inside” is better?)