Content dependent on others / content extensions are allowed?

After some research here I am still undecided on are expansion packs possible.

simple example:
A by me released soldier pack gets additional extensions such as helmets and banner or munitions bags, but can’t used alone or only with restrictions.

And what is with extensions of other packs from different marketplace creators?

I extend the example:

Main Pack 32 x Scifi Soldiers male with main armor parts ca 500 parts for 80€
+expansion: hardhelmets for 30€
+expansion bags and cloth parts +35€
+expansion: female soldier 32x for 80€
+expansion: 64 male and 64 female heads 70€
and so on.

or one big thing for 350€

Help are apricated.

I dont think its very wise to make extension packs for something someone else made, youd be better of making it unique, but customizable.

I am talking about whether it would be feasible with respect to the submission guidelines. Wise or not is a matter of opinion into consideration on sales figures of each.

Anybody can answer my qustion?

I’ve tried doing this and was rejected.

I’d love to be able to do this though, to release addons for my own assets.

I don’t think releasing addons for other people’s assets should be allowed though unless the original asset seller gives Epic permission for that new addon asset.

Thank you for your personal experience that helps further Allar.

I do not know to how to publish the packs, all in one will for most people too expensive.

I’ll start a request, maybe is indeed something away in planning by epic.

Even that might not be enough as Epic would have to track a legal relationship between original pack creator and one that made add-on. Like what happens if original pack is removed or licensing for add-on is over. Agreements can change with time and it have to be reflected. It can easily become a complicated mess of who is responsible for what.