Content creation Questions


What model programs do you guys use for creating by example tree’s.
And what program would you guys recommend for a starter? Cause i dont get a thing from maya.

Thanks in advanced.

I personally use blender, because it is free and nearly as good 3ds max and maya. But when you have enough money or you are a student, then I would recommend you 3ds max :wink:

3dsMax for modeling, unwrapping, level prototyping
Zbrush for sculpting and high res details
Substance Designer and Substance Painter for baking and textures, material masks, weathering, aging and etc
TreeSketch3 on Ipad - basic trees before exporting them to 3dsMax.

I recommend Blender very much so as it’s simple to learn, and not as advanced as Maya.

treesketch3, now thats one i have not heard, anything else you can elaborate on that one ? speedtree needs to come up with a solution and fast like they did for unity or def. looking other ways, anyone tried plant factory ? or forester pro ?

I have tried forester pro and I just can say that is is pretty easy to use and you can get a really good result, but I still prefere SpeedTree :wink:

I use Houdini’s L-systems for trees, but it can be a hard slog if you don’t get or don’t like turtle code. I’m not necessarily much good at it, I use it because it’s in Houdini and I use Houdini for almost everything.

yeah just can’t get our company to even consider a 10,000 plus investment for making trees on speedtree, if they come up with a solution for smaller studios will def. go that way.

keep hearing about houdini, seen a little on it at gdc, any good video that cuts to the chase on what it can do, also how hard is it to learn it, i take it can replace several programs if you learn it ? any basic idea on costs for smaller studios ? thanks in advance for info.

Hi leucus, not sure if you saw my comment on jhighsmith’s post re Content Creation, but that should answer your questions about licensing, pricing, etc.

yeah sorry been working stupid hours, that def. starts helping. hoping to get some time to start looking over some tutorials and their documentation.

Use Blender + Maya + zBrush + xNormal + Photoshop + nDo + dDo :wink: And entire world is yours