Content creation legals question

Hi all! this is my first question in the answerhub…i’m from france sorry for my bad english :wink:

I am learning the engince since few months, and asking myself on autorisation and legalities about content creation…

ex : if i want to create a military plane like a f-22, should i need the autorisation of lockheed martin? or ISS station, should i need autorisation of NASA?

I m looking on the web for answer but i don’t find anything :frowning:

This is certainly a legality issue. I’m assuming it would be the same for a plane, such as the Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor, as it would be for a car from Ferrari or Lamborghini.

If you were to use a car, for example, from one of those manufacturers, then you would most definitely need to license them. I can’t see it being any different for a plane, tank or anything else.

You can, however, create a plane, car, or any other vehicle, that looks “similar” in appearance. You simply wouldn’t be able to use the original name, of which would be owned by the respective company in question (such as Lockheed Martin).

An example would be Grand Theft Auto, which does this with almost all of its vehicles. They create a similar appearance / design, but name it something entirely different. Whereas, an alternative example would be Need for Speed or Forza Motorsport, which do license and work with the actual manufacturers. That, in turn, allows them to use the exact design, specifications and name.