Content creation help

Hey, before i get started here i would like to say this is my vary first time on the forum here so forgive me if i did any thing wrong

currently i’m learning how to use UDK (i want to see if what i’m making will work or not so i don’t want to risk money) I’ve found a lot of useful tutorials on how to use the every thing in the engine but couldn’t find anything for creating my own content, right now i want to make a static mesh with a UV map just to do some test with to learn it better, the only 3D modeling software i have right now is blender

so in short i’m just trying to import a mesh (with a material) from blender to UDK

Welcome in the UE4/UT forum :slight_smile:

Could you probably post your question into the UDK forum :wink: https://forums.epicgames/forums/366-UDK?

On youtube you will find many tutorials about UV mapping (e.g ?v=f2-FfB9kRmE) -> but you have to create the material in the UE. Just the texture is made outside the engine

never would have thought that UDK has a separate forum