Content creation beginner question

I decided to use Blender instead of Maya. I already searched on the forums and I know that with some tweaks blender can work well in ue4. My question now is about the workflow, as I’m currently learning and experimenting with blender. What’s the best workflow for creating assets? Which courses and tuts should I follow? I know some modeling and sculpting but have no idea about UV unwrapping or texturing, and that’s mainly the issue here. Do high quality assets mean I should learn mudbox and use it for normal maps to add detail to the low poly model ?
Thanks :smiley:

high poly assets -> you bake the normal map, ao,… form it in blender

I think this here is a good tutorial series to start: ?

Here are some special tutorials for blender -> UE4:

LOD: ?v=17pcyPVplEc
Blender UE4 Setup: ?v=JR7CAHxGBcY

Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for! :smiley: