Content Collections suggestions

Here’s something I thought would obviously be working, but isn’t.

You can create queries in the Content Browser, as outlined in this page (…tax/index.html) and save them as a “Content Collection” for use later.

When you create local Content Collections in the Content Browser, selecting multiple collections should run both queries with an implicit “AND” between them.

The 2nd query in the screenshot is [FONT=courier new](lods < 6)
The 3rd query in the screenshot is [FONT=courier new](triangles > 10000)

Selecting the 2nd & 3rd of the 4 collections in the screenshot should show me content which would meet the conditions if the queries were joined with an implicit “AND” like this:
([FONT=courier new]triangles > 10000) AND (lods < 6)

I should not need to create a new collection to have those two distinct queries ANDed together.