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I tried to contact epic privately because I have given up completely on the answer hub and the forums. BUT there apparently is no way of getting a email address to contact (that I can find [without doing something like scrapeing your entire network looking for email addresses]). So I have to ask here openly (which is generally an issue because everyone feels empowered to give their two cents worth of ego and bad manners… Including me)…

This is for epic games and no one else:

Are you going to ever fix the content browser? I have posted about this at least twice. First I noticed it was completely broken in 4.4.0. Delete doesn’t delete at all [Correction: Recursive Deletion doesn’t work]… If you get the directory out of the root content directory it rewrites itself thus you have it where you moved it and the directory structure where you moved it from … You know… whatever I already posted about this several times iterating all the ways of your content browser is getting in the way of my game.

Look we are at 4.9 preview and nothing has been fixed regarding this… About the only thing I have found is that you have changed the icons for your content… Like meshes, bps etc… But really the engine is still unable to actually provide a move function for directories… BTW: in the linux branch it works fine…

I know it is not my system because I have reinstalled 4 times since I started on unreal with different hardware architectures…

I don’t need anybody’s idea on this and workarounds… I have been working on this game for over a year and workarounds are killing my production time. What I need is a simple answer to “is this going to be fixed and when.”

No Answer Im Guessing.

Something as simple as a content browser issue.

were in the same stew.

Yea, me too.