Content Browser Undocked

For default it has to be docked when i create
But it doesnt
Its always windowed and floating back
Everytime opening project even though i saved layout content browser as docked on bottom
its being undocked again

Am i only having problem on 5.2.1?
I checked 5.0 didnt has same problem
Reinstall Verify didnt worked

Greetings @PlanRR

Did you figure out how to dock the content browser?

Not Yet :frowning:

Oh, I see! Itā€™s a very frustrating thing to deal with having it reset like that. Have you tried locking the content browser? (You can do this by clicking ā€˜Settingsā€™ on the right side of the content browser and there will be a lock/unlock option.

Yep i tried a lots of things, then found that adding starter content on making project causes it

Adding starter content after project created, it seems like no problem

So i think maybe starter content has problem

Oh, wow! After removing the starter content the issue went away? If so, Iā€™ll mark this is as a solution for any community member who may run into this specific issue in the future.

Thanks to this post I was able to resolve the problem in Version: 5.4.

To fix it, I edited the ā€œDefaultGame.iniā€ changing ā€œbAddPacks=Trueā€ to ā€œbAddPacks=Falseā€ this will stop the engine just readding the Starter Content package upon reopening the engine.

Then you can delete ā€œStarterContentā€, or just delete the ā€œAudioā€ folder.


Thank you!!!

Thank you so much! It was driving me crazy that it kept messing up my saved window layout and re-adding the starter content.

Could any Unreal Engine Dev please explain why this ā€œfeatureā€ was added? What purpose does it serve and can it be disabled by default without any manual config workaround in the future please?

So many users upgrading to 5.4+ (especially UE beginners!!!) will have no idea about this workaround and get frustrated as a result.

Removing the whole lines about starterContent in the .ini worked, no need to delete the StarterContent itself


It also fixed another annoying issue about a starter content material I was using and which keep giving warning message because of usage with NaniteUsage being set to false (while it was actually true in the materialā€¦)